Attention, a military lingo used;

Pay Attention, a phrase that is commonly used in classroom settings;

Being attentive, an action that is cherished and valued by all
Attention is something that is so hard to obtain or get from others or even ourselves.

Fun Fact: In just the past 15 years, the average human attention span has decreased from 12 seconds, in 2000 to 8.25 seconds, in 2015?

With the rapidly, evolving and changing world, the number of distractions has not only increased but are also now fighting to be even more novel and fresh. With the increased intensity, competition and amount of distractions, it is of no doubt why our attention span has significantly decreased over the past 15 years. However, we should not allow this trend to continue on as attention has many significant functions that allow us to function on personal, interpersonal, intrapersonal levels.

Attention allows us to stay connected. It is through connections that we get to know what is going on, which gives us a sense of what to do. Attention allows us to see the full effects of our actions, which drives values, sense of direction, motives, goals, missions etc.

Paying Attention and being attentive to things that matter would be life-changing, pay attention and be attentive to the internal rather the external; to the present instead of the past; to your loved ones instead of yourself.    

3 simple ways to pay attention and be attentive to your attention

Know your distractions 

Everybody is different and unique in what attracts their attention. For example, when you are distracted, pay attention to what and why that distraction is able to get your attention, it could be due to the sound, the color, the meaning, etc. Once you figure out how your distractions get your attention, you can then learn to effectively deal with oncoming distractions that keeps you away from getting a better life.
Understand your attention

Only when you understand your attention then you can enhance it. What is your level of attention, how do you feel when you get so absorbed into doing an activity, what gets your attention, how long does your attention lasts, etc. Start doing one thing at a time to get a rough estimate on your capacity for attention, if you are eating, only eat, if you are texting, text.  Once you understand your attention, you can work on ways to selectively increase and decrease it to have a better life.
Caring for your attention

Sometimes, we may want to get something done, or achieve a goal that we often abuse, misuse, direct, or control attention in the wrong manner. Treat your attention like a living person, do not overwork it, give it sufficient rest when it needs to and it will provide you with what you need or even more than you need.

"Having the simplest attention, create Legends"