HeartSGBlogs: Confidence

Confidence is the ability or belief to accomplish any task no matter the odds, the adversity or difficulty.

Confidence is a strong powerful weapon that creates the link to turn an idea into an action, the spark for action to continue and trying to do it until its done, and completing it smoothly and with certainty.
Even if we have all the resources and the knowledge in the world, these things would be meaningless and wasted without the confidence to apply it. Confidence is the key to allow what you have to shine through; it brings light to the ordinary.

Confidence does indeed make us feel powerful. Power here is dangerous as it has the capacity to reduce your level of empathy, making us hypocritical and causing us to dehumanize others. Being over confident does offer negative consequences, however we have that capacity to control confidence. We develop, learn and use it for the good. With that intention at heart, we have no need to fear that confidence will consume us.

Do not be afraid of feeling confident, confidence is what you need to maximize what you have, it’s purpose is for you to truly become you. 

Confidence is a skill, it can be developed, and all we need is just that encouragement and practice to be confident.

3 ways to grow in confidence

Giving yourself the permission

 Humans have the negativity bias; it is our tendency not only to register negative stimuli more readily but also to dwell on these events. For example, when receiving a performance appraisal, despite how good or how well-praised you are, when they are a few constructive comments pointed out areas where you could improve, you tend to fixate on these comments instead on the positive ones. This bias functions as a form to develop and improve further. Having this bias challenges in the path of achieving confidence, but we can recognize it and acknowledge the fact that you do not have to be so hard on yourself. Give yourself the permission to recognize your strengths, enjoy and savour these positive moments in your life. Life is already tough, make it less tiring, allow yourself and give yourself the permission.

Surround yourself with a positive community

The community plays a major role in giving you feedback, which allows yourself to evaluate your inner confidence. Unfortunately, at times, feedbacks given can be either too harsh or too lenient, causing your levels of confidence to become at extreme poles. This extremity then brings out the negative consequences of confidence. Stop & critically evaluate the feedbacks that are given, are they helping you or hurting you. Instead of accepting every feedback given, recognize and take control of the incoming feedback. You have the choice to accept feedbacks from those you know whom are trying their best to help you.

Treasure the main purpose of self-improvement

Building confidence is to always better you, putting yourself through this journey. You are expected to learn, make mistakes and grow from them. Reminding yourself of the goal grants you the motivation to keep persisting on the confidence journey. More importantly, keeping you in check, to resist the temptations of the evils of confidence, making and sustaining confidence that is an asset and not a liability.

Make Confidence that prized possession you have, for a better you.

"Having the simplest confidence, create Legends"